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Our Mission

At 247 Personal Care our mission is to provide the best care to people in our community who need support. Kindness, an open heart, professional care, and a desire to help others is what sets us apart from other agencies. We believe that our clients deserve to be treated with compassion and respect.
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Why Choose Us

If you or a loved one require home care, we can provide peace of mind and dedicated, consistent assistance. Home care is better than a live-in facility for most individuals because it allows them privacy, a sense of independence, and the comfort of being in a place they are familiar with and know. This can be especially important for anyone suffering from age-related cognitive issues. We aim to make sure that all of our clients are treated with quality care and an environment that helps them feel content.

Our Services

Our caregivers are trained to provide professional care, including assisting with tasks of daily living, errands, and other activities that can improve quality of life for people who are elderly, disabled, injured, sick, or in need of specialized care.

The comfort and security of you or your loved one are our top priority. We offer many home care services, including the following.

Service Coverage Area

247 Personal Care offers services in Corpus Christi, Texas and Portland, The Island, and Calallen, We are a local home care agency working to support members of our community. Our dependable caregivers will come to you no matter where you live within our coverage area. Our focus is on providing affordable, professional care to every client.

Why Choose 247 Personal Care?

We understand the challenges that come with caring for someone who is sick, injured, disabled, or experiencing age-related issues. That is why we make sure our team of caregivers are fully trained and have your family member’s health and well-being always in mind.

Our team will maintain the dignity and privacy of every client while providing superior care. We believe in building lasting relationships between managers, caregivers, and clients so that everyone is heard and valued.

Caregiver holding hand  of old men

Call Today

247 Personal Care is here to help you or your loved one retain independence and reliable care. We would love to answer any of your questions or help you get scheduled for services today. We are here to ensure that you get the resources you need. To learn more contact 247 Personal Care today.

247 Personal Care

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  • Corpus Christi, TX
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  • Calallen, TX

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